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        Dalian Exportimes E-Commerce Co.,Ltd. established in September 2013, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liaoning MEC Group Co.,Ltd. The company’s two major cross-border e-commerce platform operators - Exportimes (www.exportimes.com) and Equipmentimes (www.equipmentimes.com), work together to provide SMEs home and abroad with one-stop services in the international trade value chains.
        Takeing “make international trade simple”as the vision,“provide clients with prominent services” and “be pragmatic” as the guide, with more than 50 years’experiences in international trade, the almost 20 years’ accumulation in e-commerce, and our highly professional team and resources, we  provide customized services for international trade for SMEs in electrical and mechanical industry, and integrated services of international trade for SMEs in other industries. We dedicate ourselves in helping SMEs to conduct their own international trade with high efficiency and low cost.
        Through continuous development, our website has been gradually recognized by different social sectors. We have won quite some honors like, “The Year 2012 Top 50 Trusted B2B Website in China”, “The Year 2013-2014 National E-commerce Model Enterprises” and “The Year 2013 E-commerce Integrated Innovation Pilot Projects”and“The Year 2015-2016 National E-Commerce Demonstration Enterprises”.

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