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For many years,we,New Power Branch,have committed ourselves to the import and export business of South America market.In this special market,with our over value service,reliable products quality,careful and responsible working attitude,we have won helpful support and steady business cooperation from numerous high-quality customers.Our main business includes a variety of household appliances and accessories,light industrial machinery equipment and production lines, and all kinds of light industrial products for daily life.All these products have won the recognition and welcome at home and abroad.

Main Products:

No.1 Business Department
Equipment for warehousing and logistic and household items
Equipment for warehousing and logistic: pallet truck (electric/manual),stacker(electric/manual),electric forklift truck,1-45 ton series diesel forklift truck, container reach stacker,truck crane,tractor etc.
Household items:kitchenware,household cleaning tools,household containing box.

No.2 Business Department

Household electric appliances,kitchen ware and related accessories;hardware,etc.
Household electric appliance,kitchen ware and related accessories:rice cooker electric pressure cooker,refrigerator, electric stove,fan,cooker ware set,coffeepot,electric kettle,etc.
Hardware tool:hand tool,electric tool,cutting tool,carrying tool.

Light industry machinery and daily life products

No.3 Business Department

Light industry machinery:large scale food production line and complete plant for production of such food products as milk powder,meat,beer,etc.Food related equipments like bottle blowing machines and etc.Along with the above machineries,we also provide our customers with installation,commissioning and related after-sale services.
Daily life products:various types of clothing,shoes,hats,bags, suitcases,gloves,
waistbands,fishery instruments and so on.

No.4 Business Department

Refrigeration and air conditioner equipment,and light industrial products.
Refrigeration and air conditioner equipment:refrigeratory,condenser,instant freezer,ice machine,water chillers,industrial and home-use air conditioner,etc.and complete plant, production line.Along with the above equipments,we also provide installation,commissioning and related after-sale service.
Garment production equipment:cloth inspection machine,flat sewing machine,over lock machine,button attaching machine, buttonhole sewing machine,bartacker machine,automatic knife cutting machine and related spare parts.Complete shoes plant and spare parts.Along with the above equipments,we also provide installation,commissioning and related after-sale service.
Light industrial product:various types of textile,cloth,yarn,luggage,office furniture,outdoor furniture,LED furniture,hotel furniture and related facilities,storage and super market racks,various steel documents cabinets, serried cabinet,various metal mesh,galvanized mesh,fence, etc.

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