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1. Export of complementary products for support of the production of big international enterprises
-Manufacturing,processing,and testing according to customer’s drawings.This business includes various kinds of production,such as welding,machining,pressing,casting etc.  
2. Machinery products
-Machine tools:lathes, milling machines,slotting machines,cutting machines,bending machines,CNC machine tools, machining centers,EDM,presses,woodworking machinery,machine tool accessories.
-Measuring tools: vernier caliper,digital caliper,micrometer,dial indicator,height gauge etc.
-Tools:torque wrench,manual pump,gear pump, pneumatic pump,bolt tensioning procedure etc.
-Mining equipment:drilling rig,explosive truck,wrecking machine.
-Rubber processing machine:rubber mixing machine.
-Agricultural machinery:milling equipment,flour equipment,milking machines and other light equipment.
-Industrial production:various types of valves,instruments and measurements,machine spare parts.
3. Small sets of production lines
-Slaughter production line;
-Feed machinery:fish meal production line, feather meal production line.
-Doors and windows machinery

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