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        Dalian Yihe Real Estate Group Co.,Ltd.,formerly Dalian Yihe Real Estate Co.,Ltd.was founded in August,2006.Dalian Yihe Real Estate Group Co.Ltd is a tans regional group company with specialization in the businesses of real estate development for residential houses as well as commercial complex,and in commercial operation,property management,real estate financing,and real estate consultancy.The goup has a registered capital of RMB 100 million and has been approved the national property development qualification Grade B.
        The company takes as its mission "to provide the clients with spaces of comfort that bring about happy life",and sets up as its vision "to be the clients' most reliable partner".After years of rapid expansion,the company now has eight wholly-owned subsidiaries including Dalian Jiuheng Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd., Dalian Yiheng Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd.,Qingyuan Yihe Squares Co.,Ltd., Dalian Yixing Property Management Co.,Ltd.,Dalian Yixing Culture Development Co.,Ltd.,and Dalian Yihe Investment Co.Ltd..These eight subsidiaries in their business scope cover four major business secions, i.e.,residential property development,commercial complex development,commercial property operation and property management,and have helped to lay a solid foundation for the group company’s long-term growth and sustainable development.
        For the many years, with the sense of responsibility we cherished in our minds to the society and the consumers,and with the philosophy”to build quality houses and to make clean money”,we have successfully developed quality projects such as Yihe Ziyuan Residential Project and Lingxiu Bincheng Residential Project.Of these two projects,Yihe Ziyuan Residential Project was awarded "Xinghai Cup" Quality Engineering Award of the Year 2008,and Lingxiu Bincheng Residential Project won “Year 2010 China Most Livable Low-carbon Residential Project”,“Year 2010 China Green and Healthy Houses” and “Year 2011 China Top Ten Most Livable Model Houses”.The property projects that our group company is currently developing include Yihe Xiyuan Residential Project and Qingyuan Yihe Plaza Commercial Complex and Residential Project,the total construction area exceeds 700,000 square meters.
        Along with the development and expansion during the years,we never forget to repay the society through actively implementing its tax liability and devoting itself to the social welfare.As return, the company was awarded the “Top Hundred Taxpayers in Dalian through Years 2009-2011” ,and “Year 2012 Annual Environmentally Friendly Advanced Unit”.
        Looking ahead, we will with our efforts develop and build more quality,healthy and livable houses for the society,and build our group company into one of the leading real estate operators in China through making continuous progress.

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