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Exportimes won three consecutive MOFCOM E-Commerce Model Enterprises

  Recently, MOFCOM published name lists of 2017-2018 E-Commerce Model Enterprise. Dalian Exportimes E-Commerce Co., Ltd, affiliated company of Liaoning MEC Group was listed. It is reported that there are 239 enterprises has submitted applications, Chinese famous e-commerce enterprises, such as JD.com, Alibaba, Xiaomi, Suning.com, Mituan.com are all on the list.


  E-Commerce Model Enterprise was an important qualification review in e-commerce field and has been carried out three times. Also, it’s the third time that Exportimes was awarded this honor. We’d appreciated the help of the Ministry of Commerce, provincial and municipal governments at all levels and related units. In the future, we will continue to integrate resources and actively integrate into the national strategy of "The Belt and Road". With the help of Google's precise digital marketing strategy and technology, we will help enterprises to carry out global brand marketing and help Liaoning and even northeast manufacturing enterprises rely on the Internet to "go out."

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