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The Equipmentimes was invited to participate in the establishment of the China-Iran Business Council

  On May 8, 2018, the China-Iran Business Council Inauguration Conference and the First Council Meeting were held in Beijing. Iranian Ambassador to China Ali Haji, Deputy Secretary-General of China International Chamber of Commerce Zhang Yi and Hassan Tawana, President of Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce attended the meeting. The Equipmentimes as the China-Iranian business council vice chairman unit was invited to participate in the conference and brought “The Equipmentimes helps China and Iran to unveil the smooth trade cooperation between the “One Belt and One Road””.


  Iranian ambassador to China Ali Haji speaking

  Ali Haji, Iran's ambassador to China, pointed out in his speech that Iran is gradually becoming an opportunity for Chinese enterprises to invest in the context of the “One Belt and One Road” initiative. Iran has also introduced a number of measures to provide services to foreign investors and to facilitate the investment of laws and administrative procedures. He said he hopes to establish a new network through the Business Council to promote bilateral commercial and investment relations between Iran and China.


  Equipmentimes CEO Xu Yanfeng made a keynote speech

  The Equipmentimes has for many years been dedicated to building a bridge of cooperation between China and Iran. Up to now, the Equipmentimes has provided services for settlement and financing of many Chinese companies engaged in trade with Iran, helping them to successfully enter the Iranian market and meet local needs. In the future, the Equipmentimes will continue to promote trade facilitation between China and Iran from three aspects, including:

  1. Continue to deepen cooperation with the governments and chambers of commerce of the two countries and organize more business matchmaking activities, especially in highly complementary industries such as transportation, chemicals, construction, and infrastructure. We hope to promote potential cooperation through docking.

  2. Make full use of the resources of financial institutions such as banks and China Export Credit Insurance to provide financing services to Chinese companies engaged in trade with Iraq to improve their ability to accept orders and resist risks.

  3. It has become a “bridgehead” to promote Iran’s business opportunities through online and offline channels. It is planned to set up propaganda zone pages for Iranian enterprise products and inquiries from Iran on the website of the Equipmentimes platform, and use the training activities organised by the platform each month to allow more Chinese companies to understand potential business opportunities in Iran.

  As China-Iran’s vice chairman of business affairs, the Equipmentimes will work together with other members to make contributions to increasing mutual trust between China and Iraq, exploring new opportunities for cooperation, and promoting trade and investment.


  Equipmentimes CEO Xu Yanfeng and Iranian Embassy Commercial Counselor Said Azha Dai (second from left), Iranian Ambassador Ali Haji (third from left), and China International Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General Zhang Yi (fourth from left)

  Equipmentimes (Dalian) E-Commerce Co., Ltd. is not only Liaoning's foreign trade comprehensive service platform, but also the first foreign trade comprehensive service platform and foreign trade e-commerce entrepreneurship and innovation training base in Dalian. It is committed to helping SMEs develop barrier-free, efficiently, and at low cost. International trade, engaged in Iran's export business for many years, launched "Iran exports green channel" featured products, providing Iran's export one-stop service, helping companies to fundamentally solve the development of the Iranian market, import and export agents, credit guarantees, financing receipts, etc. Series problems. In 2017, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed with Dalian International Chamber of Commerce. The two parties will work together to build new platforms and mechanisms for cooperation, enhance the level of collaborative cooperation, tailor tailor-made, comprehensive, and high-quality services, and help companies use Iran as a starting point to further develop the distinctive markets along the Belt and Road to help companies “go out ".

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