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Based in Dalian – one of China’s most famous coastal cities, Liaoning MEC Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive group enterprise running multiple business lines including international contracting, international/domestic trade, e-commerce, cultural/commercial/tourism consultancies, business real estate and housing project development, environmental engineering, logistics and warehousing, property management and investment.

Since its incorporation in 1994, MEC Group’s annual turnover has now reached around 1.8 billion Yuan. Meanwhile, our import and export volume exceeds USD150 million.

As MEC Group grows, giving back to the society is always on our mind. During the past two decades, the Group has made continuous donations to various public welfare projects, winning recognitions from the community and the government.

By taking the advantages in human resources and scientific management, MEC Group will adhere to the philosophy of proactive decisions, steady operation, solid growth and sustainable development. Backed up by the core values of Realistic Visions, Shared Success, Continuous Improvement and Premium Services, we will endeavor to create the best values for our customers.

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