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Dalian MEC Environment Technology Engineering Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2005,The company now has become a comprehensive high tech enterprise with research and development,sale,engineering design and construction all set in one.

Thanks to its comprehensive capacity in the respects of technology,financing,capital operation,project management, engineering organizations and construction,the company has enjoyed high reputation in the construction of environmental projects financed by the international financial organizations such as the World Bank,Asian Development Bank and the Japanese OECF.With the abundant experiences in water treatment engineering project,the preeminent expert team, the professional construction work force,the strong group strength, the mature operation model,the still better service attitude,the company can provide customers with the most comprehensive water treatment solutions that have the rational workmanship and can satisfy customers water treatment requirement in every respect.

The water treatment engineering projects the company engaged in mainly include sewage,industrial waste,tap water and industrial water.The company fully hold such water treatment technologies like SBR,MBR,RO,MBBR,UF,MBR,A/O,A2/O,and the conventional filtration etc.,and can independently undertake and complete conceptual design,equipment integration, engineering construction, operational commissioning,system maintenance and after sale services.Up to now,the company has constructed and completed several dozens of projects through supplying equipment,providing technology or over all contracting.These projects covers types of water treatment including sewage,tap water,paper wastes,chemical wastes hospital wastes and alkali industrial wastes,and are located geographically in Liaoning,Hebe,Heilongjiang,Inner Mongolia,and Qinghai,Fujian,Gansu,with capacities ranging from 5,000 tons to 25,000 tons.

Medium and large sized municipal engineering, diversion, water supplying, waste water treatment.The business involves equipment supply,engineering project contracting,engineering consultancy,engineering designing,project operation and management for waste water treatment project,running water project,sludge drying and compost treatment. 

The company holds,up to now,26 patents such like CWSBR,sludge dewatering and activated sludge bio-film,and some key technologies have been put in the list of projects for financing support by the innovation funds of the national level, the provincial level of Liaoning province,and the city evel of Dalian municipality,set up for new technologies innovated by medium and small sized scientific and technical type enterprises.The company’s CWSBR technology was rated in 2010 as the national key technology for environment protection (B) type, and the linear decanter was rated as “Special,Perfect, Unusual,New” product of Liaoning Province in 2011,Since 2010, the company has been rated as a high-tech enterprise for ten consecutive years.

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