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As a tier 2 subsidiary of MEC Group, MEC International Trading Co., Ltd. specializes in import and export business, which makes up the biggest part of the Group’s turnover with an annual import and export volume over USD150 million. By utilizing the Group’s resources accumulated in nearly 50 years in international trade, the Company has established partnership with thousands of enterprises all over the world.

Building on the fundamental business of MEC Group, the Company will keep refining its special market strategy and e-commerce strategy. Guided by MEC Group’s core values of Realistic Visions, Shared Success and Continuous Improvement, the Company is now well-positioned to create the best values for customers.

Export Business

Production Equipment

Business Scope:

Comprehensive refrigeration and ice making solutions and one-stop services including refrigeration equipment, ice making equipment, cold storages, quick freezing equipment, etc.

Various kinds of machine tools and accessories.

Food and beverage processing lines and complete sets of equipment with installation, commissioning and repair services.

Other medium- and small-sized sets of equipment.


Food processing equipment and accessories exported to Latin America since 2007.

A complete milk powder production line constructed and completed in Latin America 2012-2014 and a number of accessories exported every year ever since.

100+ ice makers of different capacities and purposes exported to Latin America every year.

Beer and beverage production equipment exported to Latin America and Africa every year.


Business Scope:

Various kinds of railway vehicles and spare parts, railway maintenance equipment and road-rail vehicles.

Logistics and warehousing vehicles, construction machinery and auto parts.


Railway vehicle spare parts and railway maintenance equipment exported to Bangladesh, India, Italy and Latin America every year since 2004.

Logistics and warehousing vehicles, construction machinery and auto parts valuing 3-5 million dollars exported to Latin America every year.

Light Industrial Products

Business Scope:

Home appliances, kitchenware and accessories.

Clothes, shoes, hats, bags, gloves, belts, fishing utensils, etc.

Various kinds of furniture, storage and display shelves.

Hardware tools and measuring tools.


Small home appliances including refrigerators, electric rice cookers, electric pressure cookers, electric stoves and accessories exported to Latin America since 2005 with a joint-venture production base in Guangzhou, winning high praise from customers with world-class quality and services.

Shoes, hats, gloves, fishing utensils, commercial furniture and shelves valuing 1.5-2.5 million dollars exported to Latin America every year.

Industrial Ice cream & Confectionery Production Line

Business Scope

- The full range of industrial ice cream equipment covers from raw materials preparation, continuous freezing, various production solutions including the extrusion, moulding, filling, hardening and packaging of all kinds of ice cream products.

- Machine lines for industrial production of sweet baked goods, mainly including sugar cones, wafer products, soft & hard biscuits, etc. especially those that are served for the dessert course.


-Engaged in production equipment industry and turn-key project for more than 25 years.

-Established mutual-beneficial business relationship with customers from 129 countries and regions.

-Extensive network of marketing and technical service in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Turkey, India, Morocco, Chile, Argentina, Cuba, UAE, etc.

- Supplier of Unilever Wall’s, world-wide top class ice cream brand.

Import Business


Civil vehicles such as cars and SUVs; special vehicles such as fire engines, road rescue trucks; municipal vehicles such as sprinklers and snow trucks.

Teaching Instruments for colleges and universities.

State-of-the-art instruments including laser displacement measurement systems, X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, tribology test systems, marine vessel teaching platforms, LPG chemical carrier cargo handling simulator, High sensitivity continuous particle analyzers, High precision laser maskless aligner, drop shape analyzers, scanning electron microscopes, etc.

Medical Equipment

Internationally advanced medical instruments and equipment for large hospitals.

Domestic/International Bidding and Tendering Services

Over the years the Company achieved outstanding results in domestic and international bidding projects involving World Bank and Asian Development Bank loans, winning trust and recognition from Chinese and foreign clients.

Overseas Labor Dispatching Services

As an overseas labor dispatching agency officially approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, the Company has so far sent 1,500 contract workers abroad. They are now serving in a number of sectors such as construction, education, culinary art, medicine, tailoring, electronics assembly, food processing, machinery manufacturing, etc.

   Main Industries
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