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        Yihe Lingxiu Bincheng Project is a quality residential project located along Lushun   North Road in the Airport New Area of Ganjingzi District, adjoining Zhoushuizi International Airport in the east, and contiguous to Lazishan  Mountain in a raw on its west. The project is an environment-friendly model project covering a land area of about 240,000 m2 with a gross building area about 380,000 m2 built on a  terrain high on the north and low on the south, a “sunny slope” ideal for residence that is hard to get in urban districts. With the building plot  ratio of 1.3, the project is consisted of multi-storey garden villas with Spanish architectural style and small senior houses. The project has  won quite some honors such as environmentally friendly building, residential community with best Spanish architectural aesthetics, the first low-carbon residential community in the country, national model residential quarter with concentrated remote-storage solar energy, model residential quarter for best living etc.  


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