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Dalian Yixing Culture Development Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of Dalian Yihe Real Estate Group Co. Ltd, was founded in January of 2013, with registered capital one million yuan. The company was set up especially for the purpose to operate and manage the tennis stadium developed and constructed by Dalian Yihe Real Estate Group Company.

The stadium has 8 tennis courts that meet the national standards, of which, 3 indoor courts are housed separately in the main building and the branch wing, 5 courts are seated outside the stadium buildings. The main stadium building has a building area of 4500 square meters. The building  is designed with three floors. On the first floor, there are  the reception hall, the fitness area, the recreational area, and a diamond grade tennis court for holding tennis match of national level as well as international level. The second floor is consisted of a multifunctional restaurant, four dining compartments for VIP, and a vintage room. And finally on the third floor, three luxury suites and 6 standard rooms are arranged.

The company takes for references the good management model of many other tennis courts, and have developed the stadium into a Club that provides the sites for tennis sports, dinning, guest room, fitness, recreation, and international tennis matches. With the first class tennis courts and first class facilities, the company provides the customers with first class services.

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