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OMG SEA Cultural Industry (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is founded in 2020, and the initial shareholder is Liaoning MEC Group.


In combination with over 20 years of aquarium investment and the operation capability of cultural, commercial and tourist project planning, design, and development of MEC Group, the company is founded aiming at the blank of the business type of small parent-child aquarium in China. The main businesses of the company focus on the development of small parent-child aquarium projects and large cultural and tourist resort projects in China, including project site selection, planning, design, construction, operation, and on-line promotion platform.

As the holding subsidiary of OMG SEA Beijing Company, OMG SEA Cultural Industry (Jilin) Co., Ltd. aims to build the landmark cultural and tourist resort project in Jilin City. The project has won the land and been approved on October 20, 2020, and is expected to upon in 2022.

Presentation of original IP of OMG:

Scene-based IP theme image/complete story line

Two business modes of large venue and national chain small venue


cultural, commercial and tourist design and consultation;

cultural, commercial and tourist industrial real estate ;

housing real estate development;

county complex

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