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Equipmentimes Becomes Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner

  On 5th June 2015, the conference that Equipmentimes becomes Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner Awarding Ceremony was held in Hilton.


  At the meeting, Scott Beaumont, President of Google Greater China, awarded Equipmentimes “Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner” and made a speech under the title of “How to seize opportunities and expand global market”.


  At the same time, Cao Aihua, Deputy Mayor of Dalian City, awarded Liaoning MEC Group “Dalian Training Base for Foreign Trade E-business Venture & Innovation”.

  Also, as entrepreneur representatives, three of Google AdWords users share their experience to all the guests there.


  See from the angle of Dalian to northeast China, Equipmentimes will further improve platform service and help SMEs in northeast to speed up the pace of going overseas. At the same time, we will adhere to our attitude to better serve the clients with Google AdWords.

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