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Exportimes was named 2015-2016 E-Commerce Model Enterprises

  On 3rd June 15, 2015, Ministry of Commerce of PRC published namelists of 2015-2016 E-Commerce Model Enterprise. Exportimes, affiliated company of Liaoning MEC Group was listed. It is reported that there are 303 enterprises has submitted applications, and only 156 of them was named. Chinese famous e-commerce enterprises, such as Alibaba, Xiaomi, Gome, JD, are all on the list.


  It’s worth mentioning that Equipmentimes also has named 2013-2014 E-Commerce Model Enterprise in the second half year of 2013. This second award marks that Liaoning MEC Group has made a further breakthrough in exploring cross-boarder e-commerce. Last month, Exportimes was also named “Dalian Integrated Service Platform of Foreign Business” by Dalian Government and becomes the first platform that offers Integrated Services for foreign trade business. In the future, Exportimes will make full use of our advantages, further integrate resources, help SMEs to grasp foreign business opportunities and offer more and better solutions to chase international market.

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