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School-Enterprise Cooperation Signing Ceremony between Exportimes and Dalian University of Technology

  On 29th December 2015, School-Enterprise Cooperation Signing Ceremony with Liaoning MEC Group and Faculty of Management and Economics of Dalian University of Technology was successfully held. Jinbo Song (Undersecretary of Faculty of Management and Economics), Jingqin Su (Secretary of Faculty of Management and Economics) and Yanfeng Xu (CEO of Exportimes) attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.


  The two sides had development communication on personnel training and entrepreneurship and innovation in the ceremony. Take training top entrepreneurs as the mission, build a bridge between school resources and enterprise resources for students through the base of innovation talents, Secretary Su Said. MBA students of DUT have a solid foundation of Business School, Exportimes hopes to optimize advantage resources, build a vaster space and make the aspring MBAs going further on the road of innovation through the cooperation with DUT MBA.


  The completion of the base not only benefit to the complete subject foundation, competitive faculty and ability of talents training of Faculty of Management and Economics, but also benefit to the long-term accumulation and exploration on school-enterprise cooperation talents training by Exportimes.

  After the cooperation, Exportimes will build MBA Teaching Practical Base for cooperating in innovation, startup, social service, etc., and exploring the new model of training inter-disciplinary and innovative talent with the innovative teaching as the carrier. Meanwhile, based on teaching and e-commerce advantages, the both sides will provide training and service including consulting, academic research, research practice, project incubation, etc. to MBAs.

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