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Dalian Economic Cooperation Office Organized other regional chambers of Commerce to vist Exportimes

  In order to optimize the business environment in Dalian and help the other regional enterprises understand the trade facilitation services and new trade formats of Dalian, Dalian Economic Cooperation Office organized 25 head of the other regional chamber of Commerce in Dalian to visit Exportimes in the afternoon of April 11, 2018, it is beneficial for both sides to share resources, complement each other and win mutually.


  Activity Scene


  Zhao Yongjian, chief executive of Dalian Economic Cooperation Office, mentioned in his speech:There are a lot of enterprises engaged in foreign trade in the chamber of Commerce. We hoped that all chambers of Commerce will know more about the comprehensive foreign trade services of Exportimes through this exchange activities, and also hope Exportimes can provide customized solutions for company of the chamber of Commerce.


  Cathy Chen from Department of public affairs introduced the services of Exportimes including overseas market development and financing tax rebate etc.


  Exportimes CEO Xu Yanfeng subsequently shared his experience with the enterprise about how to use big data in enterprise marketing and integrate enterprise resources to serve foreign trade activities.

  communion tache


  Head of the Yingkou chamber of Commerce consulted us about tax refund, pre delivery financing and other foreign trade services.

  Head of the Guangzhou chamber of Commerce consulted Google AdWords promotion services.

  Head of the Shanxi chamber of Commerce consulted the operating mode of the Exportimes website.

  Under the guidance of the Dalian Economic Cooperation Office, Exportimes will play a leading role of Dalian's first foreign trade comprehensive service platform and Dalian foreign trade business innovation and training base. Exportimes will carry out more training and communication activities according to the actual needs of enterprises in different places, providing high quality market development, financing and other services for enterprises and helping Dalian create a more open and convenient business environment for foreign trade.


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