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Exportimes Was Invited to Participate in Google Partners Asia-Pacific Summit - Machine Learning Leads New Future

  On June 12, the Google Partners Asia-Pacific Summit was successfully held in Beijing. Partners from dozens of countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, India, etc., discussed and focused on the theme of machine learning, described the principles of machine learning in Google products in multiple dimensions, and looked forward to the vast machine learning prospects and the unlimited business opportunities in the mobile market. Exportimes was invited to participate as Google’s only partner in Northeast China.

  At the conference, Google product experts focused on how to use machine learning to build data models to assess and predict the value of a visitor's true conversion over a long period of time. This helps us to continue to improve the accuracy of Google AdWords marketing and get better market feedback. Google's data engineers also shared in detail how to use Google technology to build mobile content, and win the mobile market through attribution analysis to maximize mobile application marketing. In Asia, 50% of 80% of mobile internet users use smart phones, and mobile advertising revenue accounts for over 50% of total digital advertising revenue. Therefore, how to use mobile internet to help corporate marketing becomes an important issue.

  Exportimes has been committed to introducing Google’s advanced technology concepts into the Northeast China, guiding and assisting the transformation and upgrading of Northeast enterprises, opening up overseas markets, shaping international brands, and serve the new round of revitalization of northeast area with their own years of foreign trade and e-commerce actual combat experience. Up to now, we have extended these products from Liaoning to overseas markets, especially those along the “Belt and Road” markets.

  As the world's leading digital marketing method, Google AdWords can provide comprehensive solutions for the formulation of corporate promotion strategies. It is an important way to achieve the transformation and upgrading of Northeast China's equipment manufacturing industry, and it has also received attention and strong support from relevant government departments at all levels and at the provincial and municipal levels. In 2017, accompanied by Exportimes, Zeng Xiaofei, deputy director of the Department of Commerce of Liaoning Province, visited Google’s head offices in Shanghai and Beijing to in-depth study and understand the application and successful cases of Google’s digital marketing technology; Gao Hang went to Google headquarters in Beijing to research and develop tailor-made cooperation programs for the development of cross-border e-commerce in Shenyang.


  At the same time, in order to help enterprises to comprehensively enhance the awareness and level of digital marketing, the Provincial Department of Commerce and the city's commerce authorities also organized a number of special training sessions. On February 1st, 2018, all members of the Provincial Department of Commerce Department leadership team members and all cadres of commerce departments of the municipalities participated in the “Business Seminar” organized by the Department of Commerce with the theme of “Google Precision Marketing Helps Liaoning Enterprises Sailing to the Sea”. Afterwards, the commercial administrations of Shenyang, Dalian, Yingkou, Fushun, Fuxin and Panjin also successively held many special training sessions with more than a thousand participants.

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