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Warmly Celebrate the Successful Conclusion of the 24th Anniversary Celebration of the MEC Group

  Accompanied by a beautiful melody, we sang heartily in the spring and marched in the rhythm of youth,we danced trippingly in the spring. March 9,Spring is in the air, more than 220 people from the Group's leadership and partial employees gathered in Dalian International Financial Center to celebrate the 24-year-old birthday of Liaoning MEC Group Co., Ltd.


  Singing the Song of the Company Together

  An inspiring song "The Song in My Heart" opened the curtain for the celebration. All the MEC people sang the company's own song and the event began. Yuan Meiyan, Vice President of the Group, delivered a speech and reviewed with everyone the 24 years of the MEC Group's leap-forward development and remarkable achievements, and the good expectations for the future of the Group. The affectionate words are full of inspiring force, motivating all MEC people to move forward and write new development chapters.


  Yuan Meiyan, the Vice President delivered a speech

  With the sound of cheerful music, the MEC Group's actors appeared on the stage with light dance steps. The warm, cheerful and passionate performances evoked the enthusiasm of the audience. The entire celebration is composed of 12 beautiful and colorful programs including dances, songs, and sketches. The performance kicked off in the opening dance of Blossoming. The spring flowers was blossoming with tenderness and beauty. The actors on the stage danced better like a beautiful figure of flowers. The sketch I Want to Perform On The Celebration brought by the Computer Center closely follows the pace of the times and shows the fiery scene where everybody is rushing in front to perform on the celebration. Although it is not more than the big scene of the Spring Festival Gala Evening, MEC's company celebration is also having a lot of fun. In the traditional performance program, MEC people used innovative thinking in the performance of the show, especially the Music Allegro Large Inventory of 2017 brought by Qingyuan Yihe Plaza Co., Ltd., It shows that in 2017, under the leadership of the group leaders and the effort of all staff, the Qingyuan Yihe company has achieved development. Drama has been widely praised by the people as a national character, and the Traditional Opera Mix brought by International Trading Company has connected Henan opera, modern Beijing Opera, and Huangmei Opera together in a stringed fashion, allowing you to enjoy it once and for all. The song with dance Velvet Flower by the Finance & Accounting Department used beautiful songs with beautiful dances to describe the gorgeous chapters of the era. The Curry-Curry brought to you by Jingtiandi Yihe made everyone understand that Thailand not only had good curries but also passionate dances. The lively melody made you want to dance with them. The small drama Need to Be Accompanied brought by the International Trading Company and the Risk Management Department showed the development of the MEC Group in various industries in the form of a Two-man Comic. The Respecting to Era and Friendship Days by Exportimes, the PANAMA + WOTA Art by Environment Company, the Shoppingbell SHOWTIME by Shoppingbell, and Azalea by Yixing Property also attracted applause from everybody. They fully demonstrated the vitality and creativity of the MEC people. The rich and exciting performances brought the joy of the audience to the climax again and again.


  Opening Dance - Blossoming


  Sketch - I Want to Perform on the Celebration


  Dance – Curry-Curry


  Music Allegro - Large Inventory of 2017


  Dance – PANAMA + WOTA Art


  Small Drama Two-man Comic - Need to Be Accompanied


  Songs Mix - Friendship Days


  Doll Dance Show - Shoppingbell SHOWTIME


  Traditional Opera Mix


  Trumpet Solo + Dance - Azalea


  Dance Mix – Pay tribute to the time


  Song with Dance – Velvet Flower

  This year's Celebration event is planned by the President’s Office to add a special and meaningful part – an interactive question and answer about corporate culture. It combines the major events of the 24 years of the development of MEC Group with the corporate culture. Each company elected representatives to draw lots and then formed three teams. Under the guidance of the host, everyone rushed to answer questions about the corporate culture of the group. Through the answer, once again to review the purpose and spirit of the MEC Group, instill the corporate culture into our thinking and throughout our work.

IMG_6910 副本.jpg

  Kang Jian, Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Group, awarded prizes to winners of corporate culture question and answer

  The lucky draw was still not to be missed. More than 80 lucky employees were created through the three rounds of lucky draw. Prizes were full of variety, ranging from washing and daily necessities to pot sets, high-grade imported induction cookers, and Japanese high-definition Internet TVs. The winners shared the joy with everyone and passed this lucky, the whole place was full of sweetness and light.

IMG_6962 副本.JPG

  Kang Jian, Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Group, awarded for First Prize Winners

IMG_1373 副本.JPG

  Wang Shuanghong, President of the Group, awarded for Second Prize Winner

  After the celebration of theatrical performances, Zuo Xindong, secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, gave a toast and once again blessed the MEC Group’s twenty-fourth birthday.


  Zuo Xondong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, made a toast

  In the development of twenty-four years, we witnessed the glory of MEC; In twenty-four years of understanding, we experienced the wisdom of MEC; In the course of time, MEC had written a thick page in the long river of history. There are new look, new journey and new dreams in the new year, this belongs to every MEC people who worked hard for their dreams. Let us raise our courage to meet difficulties, maintain the spirit of courage, and increase the ambition for pioneering and enterprising, and work together to create a more splendid future for the MEC Group.

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