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MEC Group held a lecture

Under the severe conditions in 2019, in order to further encourage and promote the members of MEC Group being practical and responsible, the group, on August 22, invited Professor Cao Liqing, Education Director of the Party School of Tieling Municipal Committee of CPC, to give a generous and inspiring special lecture. The lecture was held in the conference room of MEC Group, with more than 40 people including

Based on the party building activities throughout the year, in order to promote audience’s knowledge of all businesses of the Group, the leaders of International Trading Company and Exportimes introduced the business of the two companies respectively before beginning of the lecture.

The lecture began after all party members had recited their oaths. The global political and economic situation has significantly changed since the 19th CPC national congress. Professor Cao Liqing gave a detailed and comprehensive explanation of national philosophy, Liaoning policy and enterprise development based on such main line as facing world’s risks, national difficulties, Liaoning’s sense of development, enterprise survival struggling, the way for members of MEC Group to Remain true to our original aspiration and the method to be practical. This not only inspired audiences from multiple aspects, but also greatly driven them with respect of changing idea, facing the difficulty, being brave and responsible, and developing business under various hard conditions. At last, from the principles of life, unity and cooperation, pressure transformation, he analyzed the matters that should be paid attention to in moral cultivation, mental cultivation and moral cultivation for everyone, to encourage everyone to start from their own being brave and responsible in the face of difficulties. He deeply believed that the path of glory must belong to the practical members of MEC Group who always remains true to our original aspiration.

In the lecture, many hot topics were frequently mentioned by Professor Cao Liqing, from the US-China trade war to Liaoning policy, including the Belt and Road Initiative and the riots in Hong Kong. With his humorous lecture style and the novel and appropriate examples presented, everyone tasted what are wisdom and true meaning in humor. Professor Cao’s incisive analysis and simple explanation inspired everyone here, and won warm applause continually.

At the end of the lecture, attendees exchanged their views and acquirements. They concluded that they should always Remain true to our original aspiration, being practical and responsible both in life and work; on the premise of cultivating their own moral behavior, they will take a step forward to Remain true to our original aspiration, to overcome the difficulties and steadfast and earnest in our work, continue to strengthen the business learning, thus realizing the ideal and value in their work and being a qualified members of MEC Group in this new era.

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