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ITC Successfully Holds the First Work Conference in 2021

As required by MEC Group’s strategic plan, Export Times was formally merged into International Trade Company (ITC) in early February 2021. On February 23rd, the first work conference of the new ITC was held in MEC Group’s conference room. Group leaders including Chairman Kang Jian and President Wang Shuanghong also attended the session.

As the first topic, seven department managers introduced their team members and business details, so as to help all the members of the new ITC more familiar with the business situation of each department. As a result, the mutual understanding among members was deepened, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation and collaboration.

Subsequently, the senior management of ITC systematically explained and analyzed different business areas according to their roles and responsibilities. Focus was put on current year’s work plans and implementation plans made for Latin America, import, B2C and B2B businesses. Meanwhile more ambitious business goals were announced, and the attendees made their commitment to achieving these goals.




In particular, Mr. Xu Yanfeng, General Manager of ITC shared his thoughts on e-commerce business, which also aroused the attendees’ resonance and greatly inspired the morale of everyone present. As long as we find the right method and put it into practice, success will eventually come to us. Mr. Xu also promised to provide customized solutions for every employee who is interested in the development of e-commerce. Like an empty cup, ITC is willing to make all contributions to the Group’s business expansion.


Mr. Guan Zhihong, Chairman of ITC also expressed his expectations on the attendees: in this year all members of ITC will learn from each other to give full play to their potentials. By encouraging new thoughts and improving efficiency, ITC will cultivate a highly polished workforce that identifies with our corporate culture, overcomes all challenges and wins every battle.


Before the conference came to an end, Mr. Wang Shuanghong, President of MEC Group shared his expectations on future development of ITC. It’s his firm belief that the successful merger will inspire new sparks between conventional and e-commerce businesses, and between new and old teams to drive vigorous growth of our business.


In his speech, Mr. Kang Jian, Chairman of MEC Group pointed out that the Group leadership felt more confident after the conference. He emphasized that only by standing and fighting can we really achieve a breakthrough. It is his hope that the merger will infuse Internet-oriented way of thinking, thoughts and practices into our traditional business, and facilitate common development through in-depth integration. The key to fulfillment of goals lies in implementation. As long as we share resources and work as a team, ITC will definitely achieve better results in 2021.

After the conference, inspired by the instructions given by the leaders and encouraged by the spirit of “second entrepreneurship”, all members of ITC started expanding new business areas and exploring new growth engines through departmental meetings, cross-functional discussions and other forms. With more employees joining English reading sessions in the morning, the morale of ITC is now brought to a new level.



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