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Deputy Director Zhang Weidong from Liaoning Provincial Department of Commence Visits Export Times

On its journey toward revival, Liaoning Province is now in a critical stage featuring change of the development mode, optimization of economic structure and transformation of growth engines. There is an urgent need for digital transformation from traditional industries, with rich information technology application scenarios and huge potential for digital development. With this end in view, Liaoning Province takes the construction of “Digital Liaoning” as an important step in implementing the Digital China strategy and an important path to promote high-quality development. Liaoning has compiled and issued the Digital Liaoning Development Plan with an aim to thoroughly promote the digitalization of economy, society, government governance and other fields, thus speeding up the construction of Digital Liaoning as a leading province in terms of intelligent manufacturing.


In order to gain an in-depth understanding of how Liaoning’s comprehensive foreign trade service platform serves companies through digitalization, on March 18th, Mr. Zhang Weidong, Deputy Director of Liaoning Provincial Department of Commerce led a team to Export Times, a business division of MEG Group for investigation and research.

At the welcome meeting, Mr. Xu Yanfeng, Vice President of MEC Group and Chairman of Export Times gave a brief report on how Export Times has helped enterprises tap overseas markets through digital marketing and facilitated the development of “digital foreign trade” in Liaoning Province. Mr. Xu pointed out that with the support and guidance from the Liaoning Provincial Department of Commerce, Export Times as a comprehensive foreign trade service platform has helped thousands of local enterprises utilize the Internet to excavate business opportunities in overseas markets, and has opened over 40 online exhibition areas for companies during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of online marketing, enterprises were able to proactively cope with the adverse effects of the pandemic.

Mr. Zhang Weidong recognized Export Times’ efforts made to support digital transformation of local companies. Meanwhile, he expressed his hope that Export Times will continue to play its role as a comprehensive foreign trade service platform, and to assist local companies in effectively developing overseas markets by giving full play to its advantages, including precise digital marketing strategies and technologies. Export Times now bears higher expectations on its role in quickening Liaoning-based companies’ pace in embracing the Internet technology and transformation, and in construction of “Digital Liaoning”.



Looking forward, with ongoing support and guidance from Liaoning Provincial Department of Commerce, MEC Group and Export Times will continue to facilitate integration of Liaoning-based equipment manufacturing industry with the Internet and help companies transform or upgrade toward digitalization, so as to explore the new development modes of “digital foreign trade” by expanding overseas market and building international brands.

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