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ITC Holds E-Commerce Workshop for H1 2021

After six months of integration and cultivation, ITC achieved quick growth in e-commerce under the guidance and instructions given by MEC Group leaders.

On July 5th, 2021, ITC held a workshop on e-commerce for the first half of 2021 to conduct a thorough conclusion and review of the achievements made in H1. Members of the Group leadership team and all members of ITC attended the workshop.


As a starter, the attendees looked back on the Group’s journey toward digitalized foreign trade business. MEC Group’s utilization of the Internet for business purpose began in 1994, and in the past three decades the Group’s e-commerce business has shifted from the initial mode of international trade + e-commerce to today’s clearly defined mode of international trade + digitalization. The first deal done over the Internet was made in 1999 with Coca-Cola, and since then the Group has successively exploited various e-commerce platforms including Global Resources, Alibaba, Facebook, Google, Linkedln etc. Along the way MEC Group never stopped exploring and upgrading its business mode for e-commerce, carving out a unique pathway towards development of e-commerce business.

In the workshop eight leaders and colleagues from ITC systematically introduced and analyzed the business within their scope of responsibilities. By studying some real cases in the first half year, they shared in detail their customers, products and deals made from different perspectives. These success stories served as good examples demonstrating the correctness of the strategy promoted by the Group leaders featuring a new type of trade relations and “smart trade”. The attendees were deeply encouraged by the passion, the professionalism and the achievements shared by the colleagues.






At the same time, the attendees reviewed and summarized the effects of the “Morning English Reading and Sharing” activities carried out by ITC in the first half of 2021. Mr. Guan Zhihong, Chairman of ITC pointed out that morning reading and sharing took a form that helped employees getting in their best working conditions in a quicker manner. Meanwhile, by sharing the stories of renowned figures around the world, employees were able to learn from different ways of thinking and expand their visions, which in turn will help them make more contributions to the business.


In his concluding remarks, Mr. Xu Yanfeng, General Manager of ITC defined the workshop as a promotion event for our corporate culture. He pointed out that ITC was happy to provide its employees with customized career plans on the basis of digitalization. Our aim is to build with creativity a platform for ambitious and diligent colleagues to make their dreams and aspirations come true. Our possibilities are infinite as long as we keep researching and learning with a humble mindset.





Before the workshop came to an end, the Group leaders fully recognized and praised ITC’s efforts made in H1 to upgrade its e-commerce business. Mr. Kang Jian, Chairman of MEC Group provided his comments and suggestions for every colleague who shared their stories in the workshop. He also brought about higher expectation of the e-commerce business. Mr. Kang emphasized that e-commerce business was actually the materialization of the concept of “smart trade”. Like what Chen Weiwen has shared in the workshop, “our role is more than just communicating with factories or transporting products”. We must give full play to our advantages in language and the experiences accumulated along the way to realize differentiated modes of business development. By utilizing our strengths in providing integrated, customized and one-stop services to our customers, ITC is surely able to reshape a brighter future with its strong brand and perseverance.

After the workshop many colleagues reported that they had benefited much from the event. All of the Group’s functions and business areas will keep complementing each other, tapping business potentials and challenging themselves to make more explorations along the way of “smart trade” and reach for higher goals. It’s the attendees’ firm believe that under the guidance of the Group leaders and with the joint efforts of everyone, MEC Group is bound to make more meaningful breakthroughs in its exploration of digitalized foreign trade.


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