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Quickening the Construction of Yihe Mansion Phase IV Project with Joined Efforts

At the beginning of 2022, by taking the latest market trends and practical circumstances into consideration, Qingyuan Company decided to stop waiting and launch Yihe Mansion Phase IV Project by uniting the faith and strength of all leaders and employees under the guidance and support from the Group leadership. The Project extends the continuous momentum of Qingyuan Company, consolidates the achievements of the Group in strategic development of a county complex, and sets several new records in this process.

I. The shortest time of land acquisition

From submission of the revised plan after the Chinese New Year to subsequent operation of land indicators and listing, and then the final acquisition of the land, it took only three months for Qingyuan Company to acquire the land for the Project, tackling a number of challenges.


II. Innovative co-investment model

With the support of the Group, in further exploration of the partnership system in the real estate sector, a new co-investment model for employees has been formed. The management team subscribed for 20% of the shares in the Yihe Mansion Phase IV Project, which reflects the Group’s philosophy of “co-created and shared value” and greatly improves the motivation and sense of responsibility of the management team.

III. The most optimized construction period

Due to the limited size of Phase IV Project, time is the key to success. Therefore, optimizing the construction period and sales cycle is the only way to maximize profit. Through overall arrangement, we repeatedly demonstrated reasonable combination of all steps including design, submission for approval, bidding, procurement and construction. By putting all risks under control, we set a new record in construction period: only three months from commencement to roofing. This was also the best gift Qingyuan Company presented to the Group for the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day holidays.

Building on the optimized construction period, we made preparations for marketing since the early stage of construction. In the face of adverse market conditions, we actively enhanced our customer base while cooperating with the property management company to serve existing customers better, so as to meet the capital needs for the construction work as a whole. The Project is expected to open for official sales by the end of this month, so that the overall demand for cash flow will be met by the end of the year.


After several years of development practice, Team Qingyuan has found the secret of good work: to act wisely and never give up, to join hands with both feet on the ground. In consideration of such challenges as COVID-19 prevention and long-term economic downturn, all the outstanding achievements are the result of countless times of repeated communication and discussion on plans and details, numerous trips to the construction site, and sacrifice of many weekends and holidays by our leaders and employees.


Looking forward, Team Qingyuan urges all leaders and employees to reinforce their confidence, overcome difficulties under the wise leadership of the Group, strive to meet annual goals and fulfill everyone’s missions and responsibilities.

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