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Satisfactory Progress Made in Packaging Business

Our B2B team's packaging business received orders totaling USD589,000 in September, with customers from eight countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bolivia and Chile.

Among them the Indian customer has been under our close contact for three consecutive years, and finally we made a breakthrough with ice cream sticks. We signed an contract valued USD260,000 with the second largest ice cream manufacturer in India, laying a solid foundation for the promotion of cone equipment in the Indian market in the future.

Soon after receiving the inquiry from the customer on August 19, our business staff integrated their experience in continuous follow-ups with the quotation in the past three years, and put forth efforts in both aspects of price and quality. On the one hand, we gathered information on the price level of the customer and competitors, and quoted a price that exactly met the customer's expectation. On the other hand, we obtained first-hand video and picture materials from a partnering factory that had been supplying ice cream sticks for the customer, showing that we are very clear about the quality standards required by the customer, thus eliminating their concerns about quality. Thanks to the assistance of many stakeholders, we made careful preparations, quoted the price and finally secured the order. Now the order has been scheduled for production and is expected to be shipped by mid-December.


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