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A New Order from Dominican Market

With an aim to accelerate market promotion in Dominica and other Caribbean countries, the staff of our Cuban office paid a visit to Dominica from September 9th to 15th, during which they visited customers from different sectors including dairy equipment, ice making equipment, small household appliances and engineering vehicle accessories. After the visit, we had a better understanding of the customers we surveyed in the early stage. Through face-to-face communication, we have further determined the requirements of the products currently purchased by each customer and their price expectations. We also made quotations, supplements and adjustments at the first time as required by the customers.

During the trip, one of the customers confirmed an order with us to purchase a standard 20' container of trolleys with a total amount of USD30,000. The payment term is 30% advance payment plus 70% right before shipment. For now we have received 30% advance payment from the customer.

Other quotations are now under further confirmation.

After this trip we now have a more accurate understanding of the local trade modes, market demands and the customers' purchasing preferences, which will play a critical role in our business development and quotation in the future.


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