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Cuba Office Showcases at the 38th FIHAV

On November 14, 2022 local time, the 38th FIHAV officially opened at Havana, Cuba. Mr. Dong Jiaming, Chief Representative of Cuba Office and his tem attended the opening ceremony.

During this session of FIHAV we received a large number of old friends who have cooperated with us for many times; meanwhile we had in-depth exchanges with many prospects, too. For example, we had good discussions with two Spanish companies, Gomargo and Julsa Industrial, both of which are deeply involved in the Cuban market. We talked about various topics such as how to carry out business through the financial services provided by Spanish banker Sabadell. At the same time, we also met many Cuban private entrepreneurs, some of whom are well positioned and able to purchase by overseas payment. This will provide us with important references for exploring our future direction of business.

President Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, Minister Rodrigo Malmierca Díaz from MFI&FT and other members of Cuban cabinet visited our booth during the FIHAV. Besides, Chinese Ambassador and Commercial Counselor from Chinese Embassy also came to our booth to have a deeper understanding of our operation in the country. Footages of the officials’ visits were broadcast by Cuban national television in news programs.

As one of the most representative and important business fairs in Latin America and the Caribbean, FIHAV builds an efficient platform for foreign companies to understand the Cuban market, enhance information exchange, expand business scope and deepen economic/trade cooperation. The 38th session of FIHAV was held face-to-face again after the COVID-19 crisis, playing a critical role in driving economic recovery and reinforcing trade ties between Cuba and the rest of the world.

It is expected that the country’s economy will gradually recover after a short period of depression, improving domestic situation and providing a good environment for local enterprises while attracting more foreign investments.



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