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MEC Group Successfully Promotes Its OMG SEA • Ocean Resort Kingdom Project in Jilin City


On March 20th, in the cheerful morning rain, a ceremony was held in Jilin City to celebrate commencement of key construction projects and contract signing of investment projects in the spring. As one of the key construction projects, MEC Group’s OMG SEA • Ocean Resort Kingdom was also commenced at the ceremony. Mr. Wang Shuanghong, Vice Chairman and President of MEC Group and his colleagues attended the ceremony. According to its construction schedule, the project will be completed by the end of 2021 and put into operation in October 2022.

On March 21st, a special event sponsored by OMG SEA Cultural Industries (Beijing) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of MEC Group was held in Jilin City, Jilin Province to promote OMG SEA • Ocean Resort Kingdom project. Together with other distinguished guests, Ms. Liu Zijun, Secretary of Fengman District CCP Committee, Mr. Zhao Zhouyang, Head of Fengman District, and Mr. Wang Yimeng, Vice President of MEC Group and Chairman of OMG SEA Cultural Industries (Beijing) Co., Ltd. joined the event. Themed by “Sails Set for Another Success”, the promotion event aimed to introduce a 2.5-billion Yuan investment project to local investors. As a complex featuring ocean culture and tourism, OMG SEA • Ocean Resort Kingdom has attracted more than 30 renowned brands such as Starbucks Coffee, Shangri-La, Burger King, KFC, Decathlon, FILA, Watsons and Xijiade. A dozen of national media also sent their reporters to Jilin to witness this memorable moment.




In his speech Mr. Zhao Zhouyang, Head of Fengman District cited a poem written by Emperor Kangxi to welcome OMG SEA • Ocean Resort Kingdom project on behalf of Jilin City. He also explained the overall development of Jilin’s urban construction and tourism industry, as well as the development plan and prospect of the areas near OMG SEA • Ocean Resort Kingdom. Mr. Zhao formally sent out his invitation for neighboring cities, regions and the entire society to participate in joint development of the brand Ocean Resort Kingdom and surrounding projects.



Mr. Wang Yimeng, Vice President of MEC Group and Chairman of OMG SEA Cultural Industries (Beijing) Co., Ltd. gave a detailed introduction to OMG SEA • Ocean Resort Kingdom. According to Mr. Wang, the project is a 2.5-billion Yuan investment, consisting of a complex building covering 50,000m2 and a resort area covering 100,000m2. The project boasts three core functions, namely tourism, leisure/entertainment, and cultural experience. With its five commercial sections including an ocean world, a spa house, a resort hotel, a pets paradise and a business area with oceanic characteristics, all of the mainstream operation modes are presented here, for example tourism, entertainment, culture, popular science, animals, sports, etc. The demands for food, accommodation, transport, travel, shopping and entertainment from the target segment i.e. tourists will all be met in the Kingdom. Upon completion, the project will lead the new trend of family tour and become a new benchmark in Northeast China in terms of tourism complex and an exemplar urban tourist destination for nationwide aquarists. Backed up by operation modes, themes and positioning ahead of its time, the project also welcomes partners interested in its various and wide-ranging cooperation programs to make their contributions to economic growth of Jilin City.


At the end of the event, all leaders and guests joined their hands to press a plasma ball, formally launching OMG SEA • Ocean Resort Kingdom project.

The plasma ball was instantly lit up, shining bright colors and bringing the atmosphere of the event to a climax. The guests took pictures with each other and exchanged their best wishes for the project: the new commercial zone centered by OMG SEA • Ocean Resort Kingdom will surely boost prosperity of tourism in Northeast China.

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