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MEC Group Conducts Corporate Culture Workshop 2021 for Managers

On May 28th, 2021, MEG Group held Corporate Culture Workshop 2021 for all managers in the conference room on 28F of the headquarters building. More than 70 managers above middle level from the corporate functions and subsidiaries attended the workshop. The workshop was delivered in four sites including the conference room, the headquarters site, Qingyuan site and Jilin site. Mr. Kang Jian, Chairman and CEO of MEC Group and Mr. Wang Shuanghong, Vice Chairman and President of MEC Group co-chaired the workshop and shared their thoughts.


The year 2021 features various corporate culture learning activities. Since the 4th edition of Corporate Culture Manual was handed out earlier this year, all subsidiaries have organized their own training and learning activities in different forms to enhance learning of corporate culture. With practical actions, they are living the spirit of our corporate culture.


At the workshop Mr. Wang explained the formation of the Group’s Corporate Culture Manual. He pointed out that the Manual did not appear out of nowhere –instead, it is the result of an in-depth analysis and a highly concentrated summary of the business cases along the way in the past two decades. That’s why MEC Group was able to shape a unique corporate culture of its own.

By integrating the 23 guiding principles in business operation, Mr. Wang gave a detailed elaboration to some of the key points. He emphasized that “small businesses need opportunities to be successful, medium businesses need management, while large businesses need appropriate behaviors”, and that “behaving properly is in fact corporate culture” which decides how far a business goes. Mr. Wang also expressed his expectations on our managers and employees, i.e. consciously living our core values and philosophy, taking responsibilities and making new contributions to achievement of MEC Group’s ambitious visions.


During the Q&A session, Mr. Kang answered the managers’ questions relating to some hot topics such as “forming aligned team values through corporate culture under the new normal”, “integrating corporate culture with rules and regulations”, “profit minimization”, “performance review”, etc. He also re-interpreted the concept of “tolerating failures”, pointing out that “development of new business under the new normal brings about new challenges, making our employees and managers confused and stressed. What we should do is to understand, to encourage and to support them, keeping their income and reputation from being threatened during the process”.

By telling a number of behind the scenes stories, Mr. Kang walked the managers through the compilation of the Manual: how it was written in 1992, and why it was kept in secret until ten years later. The managers gained a deeper understanding of how MEC Group’s philosophy of “moving on despite of all the challenges” was deliberated and finalized, and where the word “integrity” came from. Our corporate culture was never accomplished at one stroke – it was extracted from one business case after another over the years.


The workshop provided an opportunity for the attendees to communicate with and learn from each other, and facilitated inheritance and further development of MEC Group’s corporate culture. After the workshop, managers reported that they now had an updated and deepened understanding of our corporate culture. It is the Group’s hope that the managers will apply the knowledge they learned in the workshop to their daily work and, under the guidance of the philosophy and the spirit of our corporate culture, quicken their paces in a more practical and more effective manner, and create a new climax in business development.


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