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Yihe Plaza Backstreet Project Kicks Off

With an aim to stimulate local consumption and enrich the nightlife of the residents, Yihe Plaza invested 350,000 Yuan to develop Yihe Plaza Backstreet project, which was officially launched during the May Day holidays. With a number of popular restaurants, entertainment venues and leisure activities gathered in one place, Yihe Plaza Backstreet soon became a hotspot in Qingyuan, attracting more and more social media influencers.

The 125-meter long backstreet was designed to meet the public’s demand for “worldly lifestyle”. With 50 stalls built with steel plates and timber logs spread along the street, visitors are encouraged to buy daily necessities, flowers, food, clothing and local snacks. The street landscape features romantic starry sky lights, neon lights and brand new fiberglass benches. All stalls are surrounded by plants and flowers, making them a perfect background for selfie lovers.

From April 30th to May 6th, special performances such as cyber star concerts, doll shows and clowns were put on at different time slots. Besides, trainees from well-known local children’s art institutions were invited to perform here every afternoon from May 1st to 3rd, providing a stage for kids to showcase their talents while enriching families’ holiday life. During the holidays 45 catering brands and 6 entertainment providers joined the carnival, and Yihe Plaza distributed consumer coupons valuing 10,000 Yuan to be used in the backstreet, attracting more than 3,000 visitors per day with daily sales of 50,000 Yuan.

At the same time, Yihe Plaza held its 7th anniversary celebration together with multiple partner brands. The celebration mainly focused on discounts and benefits provided by home appliance brands, supplemented by some catering brands and Hengdian Cinema. Yihe Plaza also issued consumption coupons to promote sales. The interconnection between indoor and outdoor activities has boosted the average daily traffic to 6,300 visitors, a 40% growth compared to the same period last year (4,500 visitors), and daily sales revenue reached 200,000 Yuan.





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