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Beauty in Qingyuan • Beer Festival@Yihe Plaza Our Night Begins Here

On the evening of June 3rd, the square outside Qingyuan Yihe Plaza was brightly lit and crowded. The first session of “Beauty in Qingyuan · Beer Festival@Yihe Plaza” was grandly opened at the square. As an advocate for the night market and stall economy, the Festival received high attention and strong support from the county government, exhibiting such features as rich contents, distinct characteristics, large scale, wide influences and strong stimulation.

The Beer Festival attracted more than 40 brands. On the opening day, local residents flooded onto the square, where red lights and colorful streamers were hung high. With live music playing and people laughing, a variety of delicious food were served and fireworks were set off to create a beer festival with “warm hospitality, local atmosphere and strong popularity”.

The success of the Beer Festival fully achieved its expected results, namely promoting the organic integration of night market culture and local economy, facilitating rapid growth of the city's catering and tourism industries, and uplifting the brand image of Yihe Plaza in the local commercial circle.





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