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Yihe Mansion Phase IV Officially Delivered

A perfect delivery not only delivers homes and services, but also conveys a way of life. On July 8th, Yihe Mansion Phase IV was grandly delivered, with colorful decorations embellishing the homeowners' journey to their new home. Their expectations for sweet home were thus fulfilled in a realistic manner.

The high temperature of 30 degrees never stopped the homeowners from enjoying the happiness of receiving their new home. Behind the “happiness” are the tremendous efforts made by the leaders and various departments of Qingyuan Company. At this moment, countless days and nights of hard work finally turned out to worth it, making MEC Group’s motto “Sincerity” perfectly demonstrated. At the delivery site, homeowners were warmly received by our staff, who provided one-stop services for the owners from information verification to delivery and acceptance of their new home, ensuring that each and every owner received their new home with great convenience and a strong sense of ritual, while showcasing the dedication and emphasis put by us as the developer at the same time. With Yihe Mansion Phase IV delivered, our team in Qingyuan once again achieved the perfect delivery agreed upon in the “Commercial Housing Sales Contract” in advance, setting a new standard for local real estate industry.

On the first day of delivery, 116 residential units and 14 garages were handed over to their owners, who expressed their satisfaction with the condition of their new home, stating that “all of their expectations were fully met”.

At Yihe, delivery is not the end of our service, but the very beginning - the beginning of a new link between us and homeowners.

In each day to come, Yihe will provide homeowners with the most thoughtful property management services and the most complete community facilities. Our goal is to make every homeowner's life more convenient and comfortable.




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